Megan Averell: How to make the Ordinary, Extraordinary

Ordinary is defined as “not unusual, different, or special”—essentially, a synonym for boring. To call someone or something ordinary is perceived as an insult. But why is it that we are so quick to put negative connotations around this word? The majority of our lives are made up of ordinary things that might seem small, but can be some of the most meaningful parts of our days. In fact, our Facebook feeds are riddled with little moments someone was compelled to post, and someone found worthy enough to comment on. Despite this, advertising tends to value the extraordinary, reaching for something greater or more improbable in executions, in an effort to create engagement. But what if engagement (extraordinary) requires a trade-off with the relevance (ordinary) the ad industry also seeks? This session looked at how to strip back our fascination with the extraordinary, and get in touch with ordinariness. In addition it shows how planners, can bring the ordinary back from discredit, and with it, bring back some relevance.


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