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How to tell a good business story – Kate Hammer

As an entrepreneur & startup veteran Kate struggled with the question: what makes a commercial story compelling?

Perhaps, like her, you’ve worried that inspiration won’t arrive, leaving you without a story worth telling? Talent can seem a tyrant if we feel we lack a way to scaffold our imaginations. That’s why she formulated storyFORMing.

storyFORMing is a toolkit made up of paper, pens and a set of questions. Using the tool, people gain a big-picture view of what they are doing and why the world would care.

Braiding together story fragments, philosophy and hands-on activities, Kate invite you to seize this opportunity to work hands-on addressing a wish you have, a product or service you offer, or a transformation you want to catalyze.


Kate Hammer

Kate Hammer

Named Top 40 Innovation Blogger by the global Innovation Excellence community two years running, Kate is a commercial storyteller who has worked exclusively in start-ups since 1998.

A co-founder of KILN, creators of IdeaKeg™ Kate is also the architect of storyFORMing, a new single-sheet canvas to help entrepreneurs and innovators articulate what they’re offering and why anyone would care.

Based in London, Kate works with businesses across Europe and North America. Kate wears many hats: she is a facilitator, content creator, mentor and advisor to change-makers in complex organizations, multinational companies and rough upstarts.


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