How to have a better relationship – Ari Nave

Expectations are everything in relationships. The same goes with relationships with brands. So when a brand signals a certain relationship style, say one of intimacy, but then behaves in a socially distant way, to makes people feel confused and disappointed. Or worse, they can feel like they have been manipulated and cheated.

When brands do this, often inadvertently, they risk sparking spite in people. Spite is the evolved impulse to punish cheaters, even when it requires self-sacrifice. By becoming more aware of relationship grammar and making sure the brand is signaling the correct relationship posture, you are able to manage user expectations more effectively and reduce the chance of igniting spite.



Ari Nave

Ari Nave
The Kings Indian

A design and innovation strategist, Ari is a classically trained in anthropology – focusing on evolutionary psychology. He is the founder of The King’s Indian. Ari designs brands, experiences, products, platforms, and communications.

As a practitioner, Ari works to fit ethnographic sensibilities into a lean startup lab environment. Fusing ethnography with the empathy approaches found in design-thinking frameworks, he brings an insider’s perspective to designers that is coherent, contextual, and comprehensive – while applied. He works at the intersection of evolutionary mechanics, cognition, and social relationships. As such he is interested in a number of topics including: Human-centerd design, evolutionary properties of culture, game theory and pro-social behavior (coordination and cooperation), social media and collective action, ”persuasive design”, behavioral, economics and financial competencies, technology mediated relationships.


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