How to negotiate a hostage crisis – Paul Nadeau


The objective of this workshop is to provide all participants with insight and knowledge into how a hostage negotiation works and what steps are necessary for a safe and successful outcome.

Whether the subject in crisis has taken a hostage or is alone, barricaded and suicidal, there are essential steps that are taken in everyone’s best interest. In this workshop, participants will examine the theory of hostage negotiations, become familiar with strategies and practiced steps and use this newly acquired information in a mock exercise following the informative outline.

Upon completion of this workshop, the participant will:

1. Examine and understand the term hostage as well as types of hostage takers

2. Examine the structure of the hostage/crisis response team and their roles

3. Understand basic hostage negotiations protocol

4. Become familiar with General Communication Strategies in Hostage Negotiation

5. Be familiar with Demands and Deadlines and their importance

6. Understand the importance of the surrender ritual

7. Practice basic skills



Paul Nadeau Headshot

Paul Nadeau
Hostage Negotiator

Paul Nadeau is a former Police officer who completed an exemplary police service career, specializing in Hostage and Crisis Negotiation, Domestic Violence Investigations Training, International Peace Keeping, Counter Terrorism, Homicide Investigations, Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Investigations, Professional Interrogations and Polygraph. He is an admired international instructor, lecturer and motivational speaker.

He has received the highest recommendations from the International Peace Keeping Branch, United Nations, the Office of the Independent Police Review Director as well as having been awarded several other noteworthy recommendations. In 2005, Paul successfully negotiated a suspected terrorist off a 747 in Paris France after the suspect made terrorist threats. He successfully negotiating the arrest without incident or injury to passengers & crew. He is now a regular consultant for CBC World News, Global News, The Star and other media for his Hostage Negotiations, International Peace Keeping and Terrorists expertise.

Paul has also worked as an accomplished investigator for Government and private contracts and as an advocate and counselor in International Peace Keeping. He is also a professional actor in film, television, commercial and stage. His passion for Motivational Speaking and helping others achieve their personal best has led Paul to a new chapter in his life and career. He has just completed writing his first book, “Hostage to Myself” due for publication early this year.


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