How to conquer artificial intelligence – Scott Porter

Scott Porter works in marketing analytics, and I regularly use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to sort through large quantities of data and find plausible causal models for the interrelation of drivers, outcomes, and intermediate or mediating variables.

In facilitating discussions between marketers and modelers Scott has realized that the process of gearing up to work with AI can help us think better. Preparing to mentor a powerful yet naïve AI algorithm (by providing it assumptions) can refine our thinking. Much like a parent of a preschooler has to dig deeper to answer each subsequent “Why?” we can learn to dig deeper as if we were teaching a robot to understand our market and look for opportunities, or help us to answer other strategic questions we have.

Scott will share a structured approach to brainstorming based on Artificial Intelligence, Complexity Science, and Systems Thinking. We’ll take turns leading small groups in structured hypotheses sessions to systematically unpack potential complexities of real client challenges shared by members of the session, and brainstorm what information we (or algorithms) will need to better understand potential opportunities.




scott porter

Scott Porter
Added Value

Scott Porter is VP of Methods for Added Value, a WPP marketing consultancy that delivering strategic marketing that works to clients around the world.
Scott focuses on using data to answer strategic questions faced by marketers, adapting techniques from artificial intelligence, complexity science, machine learning, and statistics. He leads a multi-disciplinary team that applies these methods to client projects, along with workshops to prepare people to successfully apply these methods, either as an analyst or as a stakeholder.
Scott speaks and writes frequently on AI and marketing analytics, His past publications include a 2007 Sawtooth Conference paper, “Defining the Linkages between Cultural Icons,” which was an analysis of over 3000 brands across diverse categories; a 2011 AMA ART Forum paper, “Key Drivers Methods in Market Research: A Comparative Analysis;” a 2014 CASRO Digital Research Conference Paper “Adding Big Data Booster Packs to Survey Data,” and a 2014 AMA ART Forum poster, “Human benefits of AI methods to search for plausible models on large data sets.”


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