How to create agile organizations – Clay Parker Jones/Mark Raheja

Learn the essentials of 21st Century Organizational Design, helping to optimize your teams for speed, creativity, engagement and value. You’ll leave with a strong grounding in fundamentals, practice on real examples, and a toolkit for applying the ideas to your own organization.



Clay Parker jones

Clay is the Managing Director of Undercurrent, an organizational design unit of Quirky, where he and his team work to restructure organizations for an uncertain world. Undercurrent lives at the edge of organizational theory, applying experimental patterns and behaviors to their internal practices while applying the most successful designs to their customers’ cultures. Through this practice, Clay is developing an Organizational Pattern Language to allow groups of any scale or purpose to move toward more adaptive, more engaging ways of working.



Mark Raheja
Powered by Quirky

Mark is the Managing Director of Powered By Quirky, a new team harnessing Quirky’s global invention community and rapid product development engine to transform how organizations invent and validate their future. His approach is supported by 15 years experience in strategy, responsive organization design and lean innovation – including his recent role as Partner + Incubator Lead at Undercurrent. At Quirky, Mark’s mission is to connect every ambitious organization on the planet more deeply with its community, and radically augment their capacity to invent and work with purpose, speed and agility.


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