How to plan like an engineer – Venetia Taylor

Turns out, Engineers and Planners have a lot in common. And, from the perspective of a planner trained in creative agencies, we have much to learn from them.

In this session we’ll explore the Engineering approach to brand planning. It’s an approach that Google strategists use every day, building on our Engineers’ way of thinking as well as the tools and products that they create, in order to help brands innovate for a digital world. We’ll discuss some things we’ve learned from the way Google works, like our ‘beta’ thinking process that prioritizes ‘turning it into a thing’. We’ll share our point of view on developing insights from the culture of digital.

And we’ll put the theory into practice through ‘pretotyping’ – rapid ideation inspired by Google Engineers.

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Venetia Taylor
Google ZOO

Venetia’s background is in brand creation, brand building, marketing and collaborations. Initially as as a planner at JWT, Mother London and Anomaly New York and now, at Google.

She loves ambitious asks and creatively uncomfortable projects. Like helping to create HSBC’s global premium banking proposition, inventing new brands for P&G or developing Google Glass Explorer Program and Motorola’s Project Ara. A personal fixation is fostering collaborations between commerce and culture, such as ‘Somers Town’ – an award-winning movie made with Eurostar that won three APG awards.

At Google, Venetia works with agencies and clients to bring insights from the culture of digital and inspire pioneering products or communications.

Her side projects include consulting for NEW INC, the New Museum’s cultural incubator, and making short films with her brother George.


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