2016 Sessions

Jay Trimble: Designing for Teams

Using NASA’s mission control teams as examples, we’ll talk about how to design for communities, bound together by a sense of common purpose.

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Ana Andjelic: How to create a modern luxury brand

What would you rather do: spend a $1000 on a pair of shoes, go swimming with the sharks or, retreat to a silent meditation where you can ponder the meaning of life? The difference between these options reflects the quick leap that luxury made in the past few years. There’s a lesson for all brands …

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Heidi Hackemer: How to build a modern creative company

We are a creative industry that is grappling with diversity. In this talk and workshop, we’ll look at the opinions and actions around both creativity and diversity, and then dive into how Heidi Hackemer built Wolf & Wilhelmine to be a shop that honors both.

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Blair Erickson: How to Create Experiences in Virtual Reality

Building the next generation of media content and experiences in virtual reality. Exploring what this revolutionary new medium means for both content creators and audiences, and discovering the new ways we’ll be creating and connecting with each other as individuals, communities, and brands as a new digital reality transforms our culture.

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Karen Halstead/Diana Ahrens: How to Use Media To Give Your Strategy Superpowers

In this session, you’ll hear how you can lean on the skills of your media teams to deliver superhuman briefs and strategies. You’ll get an update on what media planners do and what’s new with the major media types. We’ll also show you what traits media planners share with superheroes (we’re so humble) and how …

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Mark Barden: How to deal with constraints

The modern world throws constraints at us constantly: no time, less money, a smaller team, a disruptive competitor. Understandably we think these constraints will thwart our ambitions. But what if we could develop a more productive relationship with them, where we see them as fertile, desirable, enabling. Come and learn the mindset, method, and motivation …

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Pamela Pavliscak: How to design for happiness

Our understanding of happiness, especially when it comes to technology, is becoming more nuanced. It’s a combination of pleasure and purpose, of solving problems and fostering possibilities. It lives at the intersection of positive psychology, neuroscience, human-computer interaction, affective computing, and behavioral economics.

Policy makers, employers, and city designers are learning that happiness is the …

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Gabrielle Tenaglia: How to market entertainment in the shifting media landscape

People want to connect with each other. This has always been true. And brands have looked to relationships between people to understand how to build relationships and connect with their consumers. For years, technology has been changing the way people relate to both each other and to brands. Looking across Minecraft, Twitch, and TV we’ll …

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Gareth Kay: How to live without the brand

Marketers and the folks who advise them (and that includes you!) obsess over the brand. But what if our obsession is wrong? What if we need to rethink what we do to focus on the end result, not the means? This session will lay out my misgivings with how we obsess over the brand and …

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