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How to negotiate

Paul Nadeau is a former Toronto police hostage negotiator. At the 2015 Planning-ness he spoke about how to negotiate in dangerous situations and how this could be applied to the not so dangerous world of business.

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How to Change Behaviour: Learnings from the Extremes – Adam Ferrier

Adam Ferrier spent a long time studying sex offenders, which may why he is now working in advertising. Adam’s experience as a clinical psychological taught him a lot about what it takes to really change behavior, experience he will share with us.


Adam Ferrier

Adam Ferrier
CSO, Cumin&Partners

Adam Ferrier is a Consumer Psychologist and the …

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How to plan like an engineer – Venetia Taylor

Turns out, Engineers and Planners have a lot in common. And, from the perspective of a planner trained in creative agencies, we have much to learn from them.

In this session we’ll explore the Engineering approach to brand planning. It’s an approach that Google strategists use every day, building on our Engineers’ way of thinking …

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How to create agile organizations – Clay Parker Jones/Mark Raheja

Learn the essentials of 21st Century Organizational Design, helping to optimize your teams for speed, creativity, engagement and value. You’ll leave with a strong grounding in fundamentals, practice on real examples, and a toolkit for applying the ideas to your own organization.



Clay Parker jones

Clay is the Managing Director of Undercurrent, an …

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How to merge the virtual and real worlds – Ana Serano

As our physical spaces and bodies make room for smart watches, sensors, mobile phone cameras, head-mounted displays, fitbits, smart jewellery, 3D printers, nano-bots, and all manner of things that make the physical world more digital and the digital world more physical, the time we have to stop, think and design our world with intention grows …

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How to conquer artificial intelligence – Scott Porter

Scott Porter works in marketing analytics, and I regularly use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to sort through large quantities of data and find plausible causal models for the interrelation of drivers, outcomes, and intermediate or mediating variables.

In facilitating discussions between marketers and modelers Scott has realized that the process of gearing up to work with …

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How to create wealth in the 21st century – Dan Goldstein & David Martin

DEM Headshot1

Dr David Martin

Dr. David E. Martin is the Founder of M·CAM® the international leader in innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance. Actively engaged in global ethical economic development, Dr. Martin’s work includes financial engineering and investment, public speaking, writing and providing financial advisory services to the majority of countries in the world.…

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How to understand body language – Mark Bowden

Understanding what people might be really feeling, even when they are not vocalizing it, is key to any strategist’s job. And it’s not just what other people’s body language that matters – your job calls for presenting and persuading under extreme pressure. What your listeners think of your data, research, ideas, plans, and your entire …

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How to have a better relationship – Ari Nave

Expectations are everything in relationships. The same goes with relationships with brands. So when a brand signals a certain relationship style, say one of intimacy, but then behaves in a socially distant way, to makes people feel confused and disappointed. Or worse, they can feel like they have been manipulated and cheated.

When brands do …

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How to use your brain to really sell – Roger Dooley

Are you making the critical mistake of using only features, benefits, and price to persuade your customers to buy? If so, you are selling to just 5% of each customer’s brain! Roger Dooley, author of the best-seller Brainfluence, will show you how to use simple techniques to appeal to the 95% of your customer’s decision-making …

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