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2010 Presentations

For the folks that were there and those that could not make it, here are the presentations people gave at PLanning-ness 2010.

We hope to see you next year!

Why brands struggle with mobile and how to re-think it
Avin Narasimhan (Arnold) and Dino Demopoulos (BBDO/Proximity)

How to do data visualization
Michal Migurski, Stamen Design

How to really make something
Tim Malbon and Stu Eccles, Made By Many

How to plan apps
Aki Spicer, Fallon

How to do propagation planning
Griffin Farley (BBH) and Mike Monello (Campfire)

How to do urban computing
Chris Heathcote, Anti Mega

How to do content strategy
Karen McGrane, Bond Art + Science

How to wander with purpose.
Paul Isakson

How to use science and Technology to influence behavior.
Craig Elston, Integer

How to move from me-search to we-search.
Ari Popper, Brainjuicer

How to build web apps
Noah brier, Barbarian Group

Also check out Noah’s accompanying presentation on coding here

How to rethink media
Saneel Radia, BBH

How to curate digital art
Richard Rinehart, Berkeley Museum of Art

How tot leverage social networks
Barak Kassar, Rassak Experience

How to create participation
Len Kendall, the3six5

How to inspire digital behavior in a not-so-digital organization
Edward Boches, Mullen

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