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Planning-ness 2012 Speakers

Bud Caddell is a strategic marketing consultant, speaker, and author living in Los Angeles – and currently VP, Invention Strategy at Deutsch LA. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and AdAge. He’s also been cited in NYMag and the Harvard Business Review. Bud’s essay, ³Becoming a Mad Man,² discussing emerging media fandom has earned him citations in Grant McCracken¹s latest book, Chief Culture Officer, and Henry Jenkins¹ upcoming anthology on spreadable media.



Robin Hunicke is currently the Executive Design Wrangler at Tiny Speck, where she works on the whimsical, friendly online game Glitch. An artist and computer scientist by training, Robin is a passionate advocate for bringing positive, new gaming experiences to the public. Her prior work includes the record-breaking, critically-acclaimed downloadable PlayStation Network title Journey, as well as family-friendly franchises like MySims and Steven Spielberg’s BOOM BLOX for Nintendo Wii.

Robin is the acting chair of LA’s annual IndieCade festival, and organizes the Experimental Gameplay sessions. In her “spare time” she speaks publicly on game design and production, and is finishing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at Northwestern University. She believes that by collaborating with students, academics and other professional communities, we can design & produce fresh, broadly-accessible ideas, create sustainable work practices and increase the game industry’s overall diversity.



Rob Perkins is a tech startup entrepreneur who recently exited from the ad world. Rob studied neuroscience, business and computer science at Berkeley and worked as a planner at BSSP and Goodby. Then, mixing tools from planning, creative and Silicon Valley entrepreneurship, he developed a hybrid approach that took him from planner, to creative, to ideas director at Naked, to creative director at Wieden+Kennedy. Recently, Rob left full-time agency life to follow his startup dream, which he funds by freelancing on pitches, doing his qual, insights, ideas and videos for agencies like Mullen, W+K and Johannes Leonardo.



Dr. Andreas Weigend studies the ongoing revolution in social data and its impact on consumers, business, and society. He teaches at Stanford University and directs the Social Data Lab. Andreas was the chief scientist of Amazon.com where he focused on building the customer-centric and measurement-focused culture that has been central to Amazon’s success.

Andreas works with innovative startups and global companies alike, helping them understand and leverage the irreversible changes in how consumers express themselves, make purchasing and lifestyle decisions, and relate to each other. His goal is to guide his clients through the evolving landscape of consumer behavior and unprecedented data to identify new business opportunities.
Through corporate seminars, brainstorming sessions, workshops, and individual mentoring, he works with clients to define relevant metrics, design experiments, build predictive models, and invent incentives that inspire users to participate and share data which results in new products and business models. In addition to this work he is an advisor or board member to a number of start up companies including  eCommera, FirstRetail, Peerius, Mu-Sigma, RocketFuel, Shopilly, and Skout.



 Gautam Ramdurai is a Strategist at the Google Creative Lab. He grew up in small-town India, where he discovered this thing called the Internet. He’s been madly in love with it since. He has given up on long-term hobbies and taken up everyday obsessions – ranging from using Artificial Intelligence to mine data to dissecting the cultural significance of LOLcats. He spends his time understanding people, following culture and connecting ideas to solve problems. He will work for cake or comic books.



As technical director and founder of Odopod in San Francisco, David Bliss is responsible for developing a deep technical point of view across multiple platforms and devices through technical research and development. He plays an active role in understanding client high-level technical needs and communicating them simply and effectively to his senior team of developers. David has lead large-scale technical initiatives for clients including IWC, Nike, MTV, Google and Red Bull.



Guthrie Dolin is a seasoned creative director and brand strategist with over 18 years of experience. He has led a diverse range of creative initiatives, ranging from comprehensive brand strategy platforms to complex Internet applications, as well as integrated marketing programs. As Odopod’s director of strategy Guthrie has spearheaded engagements for Google, HP, Nike and Hennessy. Prior to Odopod, Guthrie worked with the product innovation consultancy IDEO to develop and launch new brands.



Craig LaRosa is Principal, Service design at Continuum. He works with a wide range of industries from national retailers and restaurant chains to healthcare and financial services. Craig understands how to translate the emotional needs of the user and the functional needs of the brand into one holistic, ownable experience that connects organizations and the people who rely on them.

Immersive consumer research and empathetic journey mapping are integral to Craig’s approach. This allows him to understand the functional and logistical baseline that must drive the design while providing a first-hand understanding of the emotional experiences of the user. He believes that designing for employees and back-of-house needs is just as important as the consumer experience. Each space, object and message must work for the organization, the employees and the end user. The result is a complete experience that forms a powerful connection between the brand and people.

Craig has led programs for a multitude of services: designing a consultative retail service and space for the Canadian diamond chain, Spence Diamonds; reinventing Holiday Inn’s guest experience, to focus on relaxation, play, eating and drinking; creating a streamlined experience that works best for both patients and healthcare providers for Quest Diagnostics.



Pelle Sjoenell was a “Swedish creative” long before being a “Swedish creative” was being a “Swedish creative.” In 1994, after graduating Bergh’s School of Communication, he climbed the ranks of KING (once TBWA Stockholm), eventually becoming CEO. After opening offices in London and Finland, Pelle and his taller brother Calle set off for Minneapolis (lots of Nordic MOFOs there) and Fallon. After a year, he went to BBH New York, and three years after that, he opened BBH Los Angeles, as Executive Creative Director.

This year Pelle collected a D&AD Yellow Pencil Along with 8 lions in Cannes and two People’s Voice Awards at the Webby’s for Google Chrome. In years past, he’s taken home loot from The One Show, CLIOs, Eurobest, Webbys, the AICP Next award, The ‘GRANDY’ at the ANDY’s, a Titanium and Golds at Cannes.



Dr Amanda Parkes is a biomedia designer & fashion technologist interested in how digital technologies and smart materials can expand our relationship with natural phenomena to facilitate a more intuitive connection interfacing technology to the natural world.

Her dissertation work in the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab focused on computational materiality in kinetic interfaces as an area of innovation in future products– combining principles of abstracted motion in robotics with hybrid materials to empower designers in the process of kinetic improvisation and motion prototyping. She is the founder of Skinteractive Studio, developing fashion technology and hi-tech textile projects for use in areas ranging from performance to medicine and is currently working on sensor embedded costumes for the performance of Streb Extreme Action at the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. She is also the founder and CTO of Bodega Algae, a company developing a modular, scalable, microalgae photobioreactor for the production of high-energy algal biomass for use in the production of biofuel and a recipient of an NSF Small Business Innovation Research award.



Fran Hazeldine began his career as as a graduate at Ogilvy London, learning his craft as an Account Planner before joining the Experience Planning department at Ogilvy Interactive. This hybrid background appealed to BBH London who hired Fran to work on the global Axe account, where he picked up the APG award for Best Understanding of Brands for Lynx – Get In There. Fran was promoted to Strategy Director in 2009 and became the agency’s youngest ever Partner.

While heading up the Burberry business, Fran led the team who developed community platform Art of the Trench and a 3D fashion show broadcast live to global screening events. After a brief stint as the Global Strategy Director on Johnnie Walker, Fran transfered to the BBH LA startup office in the summer of 2011. Since moving to the West Coast, Fran has provided strategic leadership across a range of entertainment clients, including Disney, Rockstar Games and Google Play.



Sharon Ann Lee is a leading cultural trend analyst, audience expert, and writer.  She has been at the forefront of youth culture and trend analysis for over 15 years.  Lee and her partner broke new ground by developing the first national market research report on trendsetters and trend diffusion among youth called the “L Report.”  The L Report was featured in Malcolm Gladwell’s best selling book “The Tipping Point.”

Sharon co-founded Look-Look, the first Internet based research, marketing and trends company that helped businesses stay connected with the youth market. Look-Look pioneered Internet social research and created the first global community of 14-40 year old correspondents, respondents, and photojournalists who reported on their own culture. Sharon also co-published Look-Look Magazine, the first high quality, crowd- sourced arts magazine for and by young creators.

Sharon’s latest project Culture-Brain, is a think tank and studio that studies trends, culture and creativity. Sharon is currently writing a book called “Design Your Own Success.” It highlights a growing trend among young people who are jettisoning traditional ideas of success in favor of a customized model that balances financial reward with community, contribution and personal meaning.



Sinan Aral is a faculty member in the Information, Operations and Management Sciences department of the NYU Stern School of Business and affiliated faculty at MIT, where he gained his PhD.

Sinan’s research interests include 1) how information flows impact information worker productivity, 2) how information diffusion in massive online social networks influences demand patterns, consumer e-commerce behaviors and word of mouth marketing, and 3) how investments in IT capital and complementary intangible assets combine to create productivity and business value benefits for firms.

His research has been awarded the Microsoft Faculty Fellowship (2010), the PopTech Science Fellowship (2010), an NSF CAREER Award (2009), the ICIS Best Overall Paper Award (2006 and 2008), the ICIS Best Paper in IT Economics Award (2006), the ICIS Best Paper in IT Business Value Research Award (2006), the ACM SIGMIS Best Dissertation Award (2007), and the 2009 IBM Faculty Award. Sinan is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Northwestern University and holds masters degrees from the London School of Economics and Harvard University. He has been aFulbright Scholar and is currently on the Academic Advisory Board of the Institute for Innovation and Information Productivity.



Brad Haugen is CMO at Scooter Braun Projects and Managing Partner of Silent Media Group, a multi-faceted media holding company with the vision of bridging the gap between Hollywood and Silicon Valley. In this role, Brad has helped lead marketing and digital efforts for artists such as Justin Bieber, The Wanted, Carly Rae Jepsen, Cody Simpson and Asher Roth, including social media, sponsorship and digital fan-base management. Currently, their team is incubating projects in Television and Film, as well as multiple brands within Silent Ventures, a recently formed venture arm that aims to accelerate innovation at the intersection of technology, media and brand.

Prior to his current role, Brad helped lead Business Development initiatives at GSD&M and Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), both world-renowned creative advertising agencies. He’s worked on a variety of global brands, including AXE, Sprite, Ally Bank, Virgin Mobile, Norwegian Cruise Lines, BMW and Johnnie Walker. Brad also helped develop and lead new technology and social media initiatives within BBH, including ZAG, the company’s brand invention and venture capital arm.



Gunnar Hissam‘s story is the classic story of kid meets record label, kid follows record label out west and sleeps on cousin’s couch and interns and finally gets offered a job. With over 15 years of music industry experience, Gunnar has seen it all, from college radio in Florida, to interning at Om Records to being the in-house publicist and marketing director and now the Vice President of licensing and new media.



Equipped with more than a decade of entertainment and music industry experience, as an agent, label manager, artist manager and music executive; Caroline Hoste is well known for her contagious level of enthusiasm and passion. She started her own company at the tender age of 21 after working alongside Steve Macklam as project manager for The Chieftains. She is currently a Partner at Om Records, Hello Stranger and MUSIC2 Licensing.



Daniel Berkal is the Vice President, Research and a partner at Toronto’s The Palmerston Group. The world leader in immersive ethnographic methodology, Daniel’s team has conducted projects in North America, Central America, Europe and Asia for an exclusive list of blue chip clients. The recipient of the 2011 QRCA Qually for excellence in Qualitative Research and a frequent global speaker, Daniel’s been called “Hands down, the most unique, thought-provoking and game-changing qualitative researcher in the business. Period.” Most recently, his team was awarded the 2012 Great Mind Award by the Advertising Research Foundation. Daniel holds degrees from McGill University and The University of Texas at Austin



Whether he is out scaling mountains in California with his friends or engineering the next generation of 3D printers, Solidoodle’s founder Sam Cervantes has one goal in mind: pushing himself to the next level so that he can help other reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

Sam grew up in Ohio. He started taking things apart when he was a kid–including a few televisions, and half the time he could put them back together. His senior year of high school he bought a 1975 Chevy Nova and promptly took out the V8 engine, disassembled it, and rebuilt the engine with double the horsepower.But it was in his senior year of college where he first envisioned the coming Robot Revolution that would arise from the synergy of the Industrial Era, Computer Revolution, and Information Age.

For Sam, after earning his degree, it was “rocket science” as he worked on aeronautical engineering for General Electric where he was able to maximize his skills of developing quality products at a greater value to his clients. Now, as the founder of Solidoodle, Sam is still creating, still climbing, and still working to break down barriers so people can achieve their dreams. What excites Sam about 3D printing is the possibilities that it has for other people and the ideas that he cannot even fathom.



Detective HeeSeok Ahn has over 20 years of law enforcement experience. Currently he is a detective in the Santa Monica Police Department assigned to the robbery/homicide unit. His past experience ranges from time as a gang officer, where he monitored and contacted gang members, to being part of the S.W.A.T team. Prior to being part of Santa Monica PD he was with the Inglewood Police Department where he worked in a range of roles, including undercover assignments.

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