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2014 Presentations

For those of you who could not make it to Portland, as well as for those who want to revisit it, we've put together a collection of the presentations given at the this year's Planning-ness. We'll be posting video of the event soon so keep coming back to check out what is being posted.

Hugh Reynolds: How to make the most of mobile marketing technology


Digital marketing isn’t just about creating digital ads. Today there is a whole new raft of technology that can improve the interactions brands have their users, especially with regard to personalization and particularly in mobile. But with a huge number of acronyms and vendors the space is confusing. In addition, its easy to be …

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Andrew Smith Lewis: How to hack your brain and apply the science of learning and memory to your life

Does “brain training” actually work? What research-based methods can you tap into to optimize your own performance? How can you bring these practices into both your personal and professional life? In this workshop we discussed current research on learning and memory and what we can actually do to improve cognitive function.

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Lisa Azziz-Zadeh: How to Understand Creativity

In this presentation given at Planning-ness 2014, Dr Lisa Azziz Zadeh of USC discussed some neuroscience studies that reveal how the brain works during creative problem solving. She then translated these into actions that could be taken to promote creative thinking.

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Jeff George: How to be courageous

How many times have you had an idea that you could imagine being great, but then let it sit dormant in your mind rather than bringing it to life? Ideas are all around us, but only a few of them ever see the light of day. Why is it that some people pull the trigger …

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Alexandra Horowitz: How not to see

In this session Alexandra Horowitz taught us how to apply lessons learned from studying dog behavior, to enables us to change what we see when we step out of your own home and go for a walk. She hits on the art and science of attention; perception; and every person’s Umwelt. At its end, you …

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Nitin Khanna: How to grow you startup

In this session, Merger Tech CEO and successful startup founder Nitin Khanna taught us the keys to moving from the startup phase to actual becoming a growth company.

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Jess Selheimer: How to Launch a Crowd Funded Product

Crowdfunding is more than just “merchandising” a cool idea– it’s a new way of using the community to commercializing a product. To break through all the noise and vaporware, it takes a well defined strategy and marketing/pr efforts to achieve a desired level of awareness at launch, that converts to campaign backers who financially support …

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Ian Fitzpatrick: How to do Low Fidelity Data Mining

It’s never been easier to solicit and aggregate troves of data, but mining them for meaning that informs customer insights and great brand experiences requires that you build a homegrown toolkit for processing information quickly and at minimal cost.

In this session, Ian presented a tool he has created to allow planners to engage in …

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Bob Gallup: How to Hack Electronics

Prototyping is central to any design process. From study sketches for paintings, to architectural models, to thumbnails and design comps. Prototypes allow us to see, touch, feel and refine an idea before committing to it. This is no less the case in the expanding world of ubiquitous computing, Internet of Things, and tangible interaction. Only …

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Jamie Davidson: How to Raise Venture Capital

The first major barrier to launching your own business is funding, but this session helped demystify the process of raising venture capital. In it Jamie Davidson covered everything from theory and best practices to common mistakes and how to avoid them.

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