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Planning-ness Grant: Rules and Conditions

1. The Planning-ness Grant (hereafter referred to as “the grant) is an award given to a person or persons to conduct a project or piece of research for the benefit of strategists, designers, marketers and other creative thinkers.


2. Grant applicants (hereafter referred to as “applicants) will have until a date specified by Planning-ness Inc. (hereafter referred to as the “the granter”) to submit their application. This date shall be published on Planning-ness.com at least two weeks before the final date of submission.


3. Specific contents needed for a complete application submission will be listed on Planning-ness.com. Failure to submit a complete application with all required information will result in this application being withdrawn from consideration.


4. In submitting the application, applicants certify that their proposed project is free from conflict of interest – in other words that it will not uniquely benefit their current employer(s), client(s) or business(es) outside of the general benefit of those list in part (1) of these rules. Anyone found in violation of this will immediately have their application withdrawn from consideration and any funds disbursed must be returned in full within a period of 30 days.


5. In submitting the application, applicants grant the right to the granter to publish the details of the application under a Creative Commons license. If the granter decides to do this they must give full credit to the applicants for the thinking involved in the application.


6. Upon closure of the application window, all complete applications will be evaluated by a committee appointed by the granter. This committee will include a member/members of the granter’s board as well as other independent members.


7. The Planning-ness committee wil be solely responsible for all decisions regarding the awarding of the grant. All decisions should be regarded as final.


8. The recipients of the grant (hereafter referred to as “the grantees”) will abide by the following rules:

(i) The grantees agree to present their findings by a date specified by the granter and agree to appear in person at a location specified by the granter to present their findings. The granter is not responsible for any costs associated with the completion of this obligation.

(ii) By accepting the grant funds and undertaking the research, the grantees agree to place all materials connected to your research, including the final presentation, under a Creative Commons license, thus making the materials freely accessible to anyone. Ownership of the data and materials would reside with the granter.

(iii) Unless otherwise specified, the grantee must complete and present the project as specified in the original application. Any changes to the project that become necessary due to findings uncovered in the process of undertaking the work of the project must be reported to the committee within 30 days. The committee will then decide whether to allow the project to continue under the revised terms/goals.

(iv) Failure to deliver the research findings by the agreed upon date will result in the grantees being legally liable to return the grant money to Planning-ness Inc.

(v) All funds disbursed by the granter pursuant to this grant shall be used solely for the project for which this grant is being made. In some cases, the ultimate cost of the grant will be less than the total sum disbursed. The grantees must return any savings to the granter no later than 60 days after the completion of the project.

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