Takea break from listening to marketing directors and target audiences with the sweet sounds of Planning-ness 2011. That’s right! Below is a playlist of songs inspired by next week’s Planning-ness event. Each song somehow relates to or says something about each of the sessions. Some were submitted by the speakers themselves, while others were curated by attendees.


Let this be a source of listening pleasure, but also be sure to explore the deeper meaning embedded in each track. Enjoise the noise!


About this project…

I’ll be attending Planning-ness 2011, and felt strongly about getting to know the speakers and the sessions they’ll be conducting on a deeper level before the event took place. That’s what inspired this playlist.

I asked the Planning-ness 2011 speakers to submit a song that somehow relates to or says something about the session that each of them will be presenting. My hope is that this playlist will help attendees learn more about the speakers, their style, and what they have in store for their session at Planning-ness. It is also designed to be a source of listening pleasure and generate some excitement leading up to the event.See you in Minneapolis,

Brad Shapiro




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